Thai Massage

Best described as a lazy person’s yoga performed on a Thai (floor) mat. With the assistance of therapeutic breathing, the therapist opens joints and releases muscle tension with acupressure points and using manipulation techniques with the feet, knees, elbow, palms, and thumbs.

Contemporary Cupping Therapy

Unlike the traditional massage method of tissue compression, cupping creates negative pressure above the surface of the skin allowing congested tissues to soften and release quickly by pulling it away from the underlying infrastructure resulting in retraining myofascial constitutions. The negative pressure will also pull toxins, cellular debris, blood, and lymph stagnation from the tissues toward the surface allowing the body’s circulatory system to properly flush out this waste. Cupping has remarkable effects on the chronic gastrointestinal disorders by affecting peristaltic movement and digestive fluids. This method can also be used for reducing wrinkles in the face and cellulite on the legs by breaking down fascial connections to adipose tissue and encouraging collagen reproduction.

Sports Massage

Working deeply within muscles, joints, and connective tissue, sports massage is great for tight muscles, injuries, and chronic pain. This is beneficial to athletes and anyone who is experiencing restricting and painful movement.

Swedish Massage

The most common type of bodywork that uses long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart, breaking up adhesions along the way. The main goal is relaxing the whole body.

Custom Massage

Massage techniques used will depend on the specific needs of the client and decided upon after meeting with the therapist.

Kinetic Therapy

Restoring optimal human performance by harnessing the power of the nervous system through muscle testing, fascial manipulation, and functional training methods. With the belief that the body has the wisdom to heal itself, its imperative to work with the body rather than work on the body and encourage natural healing mechanisms.. Each treatment is customized to the client as restoring and maintaining whole body healing is dependent on each unique individual.

Kinesiology Taping